Lovely Music, 2014


Two situations whose technical and social settings transcend possibility of their control.


Part 1
collective performance, 7.1.2014, NoD Mini Gallery, Praha

the performance works with possibilities of collective improvisation/developing a situation within a pre-set system - an instrument in form of series of sound devices set up as 'no-input' in a circle.. visitors get an opportunity to participate on forming of certain power - to control a mass of deafening noise - but this opportunity is always limited - be it by chaotic character of the system, or by the very nature of collective improvisation..





Part 2
installation, NoD Mini Gallery, Praha

automatically generated microtonal composition, repetitive, but constantly evolving melody unfolding in the audio spectrum around 18000Hz - that means on the very edge of audibility.. listener tries to detect the traces of sound in the empty space, but the music in its whole constantly escapes outside perceptible area..



sound sample:








16.12.2015, Lovely Music Pt.1 (Ciachovňa)



Lovely Music Pt.2 (Ciachovňa)





16Hz-48Hz & 14kHz-21kHz