16Hz-48Hz & 14kHz-21kHz, 2014
for 2 treble speakers and subwoofer


The basis of the composition are two rows of tones at the edges of the audible spectrum - six tones between 16Hz and 48Hz, and 8 quartertones between 14kHz and 21kHz. In the timeline of each tone sound and silence is automatically distributed in a ratio based on how big is the chance that the sound will be heard - the less is likely that the tone will be heard the more is present - i.e. within ten minutes there are circa three clicks of 14kHz while 21kHz sounds almost continuously.

In the composition random clusters and possible harmonic and melodic sequences are emerging, but they are limited both on the part of the composition and on the part of the listener - increasing occurence of higher tones against limitation of listeners ear..



sound sample:





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