Three Pieces for Special Hearing, 2019


Relaxační kus na motiv české hymny
[Relaxation Piece on the Theme of Czech National Anthem] (pure sine version)

Listener's brain is synchronized with the frequency of 4-7Hz - brain wave frequency, which is associated with the state of hypnosis.

for the best effect listen with headphones)


Hypersonic Landscapes (Low Frequency Version)

Field recordings from sites in urban landscape where sound at the upper limit of audibility is constantly present. Sound produced by various technical devices, sometimes unintentionally, sometimes intentionally as a method of modulation/conditioning of the environment as in case of bird, rodent or teenager repellent. In both cases the sounds are at the edge of attention, ephemeral yet intense.

In this version the recordings are frequency-shifted two octaves lower, so all the sounds can be heard in common audible spectrum.


Allegory of Internalized Surveillance

This piece works with a phenomenon called 'distortion product otoacoustic emissions' - sounds generated in the inner ear as a response to certain acoustic stimuli. The listener can hear the 330Hz tone through the entire piece, even though it's not physically playing for the most of the time. The conditions are set so that his/her ear is actively generating it (when played at right volume).







hypersonic landscapes
hypersonic landscapes (low frequency version)
listening warm-up,