Interspace, 2010
for two speakers
9:09 min, loop

From a recording of Gregorian chant (offertorium "Ascendit Deus") all the frequencies of sound spectrum between 60Hz and 15000Hz have been removed - the frequencies carrying the main information/main part of the sound - recording of vocals. In the sound are now remaining only marginal parts (harmonics, frequencies caused by reflections in space where the recording was taken, noise of recording equipment, etc.) These marginal parts doesn't carry the main information/are not the main part, but still are by that main part determined. The central part, albeit inaudible, is still present, the space between the margins still remains the main part of the sound. These marginal parts are now indicating the content of the "interspace"; they are retaining in themselfs the original character of the space where the recording was made, but also adapting to the new space.








Interspace for Stará pošta, 2012

site specific installation for Stará pošta/Hell's house in Banská Štiavnica


In an abandoned house left after Jewish citizens a recording of Jewish folk music is played with all the frequencies of the audible spectrum muted except for the lowest and the highest.