fft dreaming, 2020
sound installation


Sound installation at the 'Being Dreamed' exhibition in the GAMPA gallery, Pardubice thematizing automatic creativity of digital technologies; creation of new realities by digital algorithmic processes.
The other works at the exhibition are dreamed in resynthesis, automatic transformation and imitation by artificial intelligence. Sound representations of fragments of the other works from the exhibition are analyzed by the fft algorithm1, dreamed by the Google search and recommendation algorithm, subjected to machine learning and subsequent automatic imitation. The difference between recording and synthesis and storing and creating data is being blurred.2





sound samples:

sound from Filip Hauer's video resynthesized and simplified to 8 sinusoidal components:

sound from Filip Hauer's video imitated by an artificial intelligence:

sound recording from the gallery space:



1 Fast Fourier Transform, an algorithm that converts the time domain to the frequency domain, enabling analysis and processing of digital signals.
2 See Mark B. N. Hansen: New Media, in Critical Terms for Media Studies, eds. Mark B. N. Hansen and W. J. T. Mitchell, University of Chicago Press, 2010, s.180, cit. in: The Occulture: Ludic Dreaming, Bloomsbury, 2017, s.23-25.





being dreamed
artificial utopias