Collective Electronic Music, 2014
collective performance, 23.5.2014, Školská 28 Gallery, Praha


Participative performance aiming at creation of a temporary micro-collective - by involving the audience in a preset structure oscillating between organization and improvisation...

[audience is provided with 12 identical instruments - simple tone generators controlled with a potentiometer, a photoresistor and a button; the event progresses from installation/spatial composition through collective performing/testing (exploration of posibilities, rehersal, playing games based on simple instructions, improvisation..) to expansion outside the gallery/a walk..]


Pt. 1: Music for walking through




Pt. 2: Testing




Pt. 3: Music for walking with





Collective Electronic Music with Normalising Machine/Boring Music, 2017
collective performance


[collective improvisation with multiple identical instruments. One of the players is a computer, which modifies and normalizes the unrestrained gestures of the participants. It learns their playing, codifies it, and replaces it with its own playing]


31.1.2018, Punctum, Prague



demonstrational recording





light​-​drone miniatures