Instant Music, 2014-15





Music for Wind Instruments, 2014
collective performance


..each visitor gets a bottle of beer; the composition ends when every bottle is empty..



30.5.2014, festival Transient zones, abandoned football field near the street Na Stárce, Praha 5 - Košíře




14.6.2014, National Gallery, Prague - Veletržní palác




30.5.2015, festival Transient zones 2, Strahov Stadium, Praha 6 - Břevnov




25.7.2020, Death Fok fest, Pekárna cave







Whistling, 2014
collective performance


..visitors are asked to whistle..



21.1.2014, Gallery U Dobrého pastýře, Brno
3 tones




21.2.2014, Školská 28 Gallery, Praha
list of basics







Beating, 2014
collective performance / urban sound walk


..participants get drumsticks and instruction to walk continuously and not to stop..







Ciachovňa, 2015
collective performance / sound walk, 18.12.2015, Považská galéria umenia v Žiline - Ciachovňa


A sound walk in a form of communitive improvisation and collective exploration of sonic possibilities of the building of former power station.








Toys, 2015
collective performance


..improvistation is structured by gradual adding of new instruments that the visitors can use as thay like..



23.6.2015, Prague Quadriennale 2015




24.10.2015, Cihelná 4





transient zones