Forming, 2012


Forming: a process, in which a pure/undifferentiated/unlimited/free substance takes a shape by its surrounding environment, its limits/borders.

In the beginning is white noise. Homogeneous mass of all frequencies of audible spectrum, which then passes through a series of spaces. Each space leaves its mark in it - in once uniform spectrum some frequencies are emphasized by characteristic of each space. The sound is therefore gradualy formed into a certain shape. From private spaces to public ones (my own rooms, church, school gallery)1. My presence in these spaces was kind of catalyst of the process, it could be said that my presence helped the sound to percieve the space. Memory contained in the final sound cast can be parallel to my own memory of experience with those spaces - a kind of mental cast.

In the gallery, there occurs a communication between two (sculptural) works & the gallery space itself emphasized with minimalistic installation and presence of viewers in it. The immaterial is demonstrated by the material and vice versa.



Forming, level 1
installation in AVU Gallery, 2012


[sound sculpture forming & sculpture by Irena Armutidisová in gallery space all painted white]





Forming, level 2
performance, 12.10.2012, AVU Gallery






1) process of recording: