From the Distance, 2020
participative streaming performance



Quarantine streaming concert. Simulation of being together in one place - all participants play one instrument via web interface. The instrument is situated on my computer and streamed back to the internet.



From the Distance: Collective Granulation
collective granular synthesis


By clicking a button a player plays one grain.
In the beginning each player has an individual frequency, as the piece continues, frequency of the player who clicked the most starts to attract frequencies of other players. If no other player surpasses him in number of clicks within an interval of a minute, all the grains end up in the same frequency for the rest of the time.






From the Distance: Fragile Music No.2 (Distanced Version)
physical model of metal sheet sounded with a microphone


By pressing '+' and '-' buttons players can controll gain of my microphone. If the gain exceedes the limit, the instrument becomes unstable and breaks to uncontrollable noise for the rest of the time.






From the Distance: Approaching the Inhuman
inhuman autonomous instrument (a horror comedy)


Players are submitting numbers without knowing for what the instrument will use them. Sometimes the instrument suggests a number to them, sometimes it forces them the suggested number to use..






fragile music
solo music
kolektivní filtr